Management Services

Day-to-day management of healthcare clinics involves a variety of disciplines. From financial responsibilities and budgetary issues to the delivery of exceptional medical care, clinic managers must maintain very high standards. There are a multitude of issues to deal with in order for a practice to simply function in the healthcare environment. To be exceptional requires an even higher level of expertise and dedication.

Even a small clinic must deal with such things as credentials with private insurance payers and Medicare, Medicaid, etc.; maintaining licenses; staffing of medical and clerical personnel; billing and collections; electronic health record systems; design and maintenance of the clinical and administrative facilities; selecting and maintaining inventory of supplies and medicines; marketing and advertising; insurance; IT systems; selection of vendors; selection and installation of medical and office equipment; clinic and medical procedures and policies; and of course the delivery of quality medical services.

InterMed has years of experience in developing and operating clinics. Our expertise assures clients that their clinic will be managed in a professional and effective manner.

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