Marketing And Advertising

Harvey Studios is the marketing and advertising division of InterMed Healthcare Centers Inc. and is responsible for providing these services to InterMed-owned companies and InterMed clients.

Diane Harvey, Creative Director, has a 35 year background in the graphic arts field and has designed and executed numerous print, collateral, and outdoor advertising campaigns. She has designed signage for medical offices and packaging of many types.

Jim Lobel, the CEO of InterMed has a 30 year marketing background, owned a successful South Florida advertising agency for almost 18 years and is the Chief Marketing Officer of several related companies.

Jim is responsible for most of the copywriting for print and internet advertising and is in charge of production of television and radio commercials for InterMed companies.

These services are offered exclusively to InterMed clients as a component of InterMed’s full-service consulting and management programs.

Please click here to view a limited portfolio of recent work